Friday, 9 September 2016

Stalybridge v Nuneaton

Andy Owens ...


Stalybridge 0 Nuneaton 4

Following Liam Watson's resignation, Bridge turned up pretty much "rudderless" - and the less said about the performance the better - now if the new Managers had been there, maybe the players may well have performed (in their own interests natch) - but no ... 'twas awful.

(NOTE - I'm writing this (very late) because if you cop the next post you'll work out that I missed the Tuesday night victory against Gainsborough - so maybe that was the day that certain players decided to "do a bit" - having missed the game I cannot comment - but let's hope that there were some proverbial "kicks up arses" - and I'm sure Ackers and Phillo will be able to sort out the dead wood fairly sharpish !!).

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