Sunday 14 June 2015

A "Greenfield Weekend"

... in more ways than one ...

Worked my work in Greenfield on Saturday morning/early afternoon - headed home - change, camera - headed back for another try at Rugby League - sadly Saddleworth Rangers have STILL to break their duck this season, although they did take the lead ... and it all got a bit feisty late on !!!  Pics from game at

Saddleworth Rangers 6 Elland 20 13Jun15

... and Sunday - a quick 4 minute train ride up to Greenfield (just like going to work !!!) and a wander up to Pots'n'Pans, over to the reservoirs and back to Mossley. Hardly "flaming June" though !!! Pics at

Sunday Walk 14Jun15

Thursday 11 June 2015

Playing with Macro ...

... and I mean playing !!!!  Trying out the 24mm lens with some extension tubes - aim being to get closer ... but it's a right bugger focus-wise, especially when hand-held - and being an f2.8 lens there's so little actually in focus !!!  Hey-ho - something to work on anyway ...

Macro Flowers - 10Jun15

What next ??? No idea ...

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Mossley All Stars v Manchester City Old Boys

Paul Scholes in a Mossley shirt - a man can dream !!!

A charity game organised by Mossley kitman Gaz Worrall ... all in aid of the Alex Williams "Believe and Achieve" Trust - early Sunday crappy weather managed to disappear (mostly !!) before kick-off and we were treated to a fun afternoon's football with some "names" on the pitch.  It finished 7-5 to the Mossley All-Stars, but I'm sure most people weren't counting.  A cracking attendance I believe (around 500 turned up) so some good cash for the above charity.

Some pictures from the game can be found here (although you'll find loads more on't'web - not that often you see that many snappers at a game up at Seel Park !!!!)

Well done to Gaz - and all who helped out ...