Wednesday 30 September 2015

The Archeytypal "Postie Day Off"

24 hours late mate !!!

Sunday morn - Mrs S not feeling so bright (sneezy, fluish etc etc - still not perfick as I type this on the Tuesday !!). A morning of tidying up (laptop and house ... in THAT order !!), before cabin fever set in.  I'd seen something on Facebook about Saddleworth CC's last home game - so I headed down - to find if I had read the Facebook post proper like, I'd have known it was on the Saturday ...

Hey ho - I went for a wander ... some pics at

Sunday Wander 27Sep15

Sunday 27 September 2015

Saddleworth Rangers v Myton Warriors

 Myton Warriors on the charge ...

... yes we're in the football season ... but when everything conspires - you take the best option.  Finished work in good time to get the train home (plan was Droylsden v Lancaster in the FA Cup) ... but then it all went pear-shaped.  Train from Greenfield was 36 minutes late .. so no chance of getting to the Butchers Arms.

However ... with the trains terminating at Stalybridge and then turning straight round - I got to Mossley, dashed up home, quick change, grab (prepared) camera bag, dash back down to station - and catch train I've just come in on - result !

Missed start of game - noticed Jackie (Saddleworth Rangers "official" snapper) so decided to do the "wrong end" ... and here they are ...

Saddleworth Rangers 22 Myton Warriors 44

It's not been the greatest of seasons for Saddleworth ...

Friday 25 September 2015

Stalybridge Celtic Youth v Prescot Cables Youth

... in the FA Youth Cup 1st Qualifying Round ... not a good night for the home team - well beaten in the end (by 10 men for a good while as well) - hey ho - pics at

Stalybridge Celtic Youth 2 Prescot Cables Youth 5

So .. in less than a week Prescot Cables have come to Tameside twice - - - and won twice - grr !

Sunday 20 September 2015

Mossley v Prescot Cables 19Sep15

Mitch Bryant leads the charge ...

It's all going Pete Tong for the Lilywhites at the moment - after starting the season 5 matches unbeaten (all competitions), they've now lost five in a row (all competitions) - aargh !

Mossley 0 Prescot Cables 1

Being honest ... they're not playing badly - just not getting the rub of the green - especially yesterday when they found Prescot 'keeper Marcus Burgess in excellent form.  Early days yet - but it's a slide that needs reversing - sharpish !

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Torrs Walk 13Sep15

 Some of the amazing "industrial architecture" at New Mills ..

Another Sunday walk - didn't get lost this week though !!

Torrs Walk 13Sep15

Mossley v Warrington Town 12Sep15

 New signing for Mossley - Scott Kay ...

A "hard-fought defeat" against a side who will certainly be there or thereabouts at the end of the season ..

Mossley 2 Warrington Town 3

Sunday 13 September 2015

Getting Lost Over Bleaklow 06Sep15

 The weird and wonderful shapes of Bleaklow Stones ...

Something to do on a Sunday !!  Following a walk found in a book - but failing to fully read said walk ... ended up being reduced to getting the GPS out of the rucksack to get back to the car - all good fun ... Pics at

Bleaklow Walk 06Sep15

Curzon Ashton v Nuneaton Town 05Sep15

Curzon's match winner Matty Warburton has a crack on goal... 

Curzon Ashton finally got their first win in the Vanarama North !!! Some pics from the game at

Curzon Ashton 1 Nuneaton Town 0

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Stalybridge Celtic v Chorley

 Bohan Dixon - a vital part of the Celtic "rearguard action" ...

A bad weather Bank Holiday Monday ... I'd promised Mrs Smiffy a day out walking (thus forgoing any football - honest !).  However the early morning lousy weather led us to say "Sod the walk - let's go elsewhere" ... and elsewhere led to a trip into traffic-snarled Ashton and Sainsburys and Ikea.  The traffic-snarling (plus the dawdlers in Ikea) meant we didn't get home until 1430hrs - then it was "You bugger off to the football" - so I did - arriving 5 minutes in !!!

Pics from game at

Stalybridge Celtic 0 Chorley 1

The game ?? Well I reckon the referee came out on top - for all the wrong reasons (OK "most" of the wrong reasons !).  What with Celtic playing against 9 men on Saturday @ Stockport County - Monday saw the proverbial boot on the other foot.  An heroic second half defensive display almost - just almost - saw the 0-0 through to the end ... sadly it was not to be.  Celtic - and their fans - should be proud of their team's second-half efforts .. the referee on the other hand should take a long hard look at his performance.  Can't argue with the first red card - but after that his performance degenerated into a shambles (he also sent off Celtic boss Liam Watson). All in all a bit of a comedown for the home team after their 3-0 away win at Stockport on the Saturday - but hey that's football - i.e. a bit of a bugger at times ...

Mossley v Bamber Bridge ...

... on the (long) road to Wembley ... viz the Emirates FA Cup 1st Preliminary Round !!  

 Mitch Bryant strikes to put Mossley 1-0 up ...

I guess that at the end of the day Mossley were fortunate to come out of the game with a draw - you have to say that Brig were much the better team on the day ... but ... we live to fight another day.

Pics from the game at 

Mossley 1 Bamber Bridge 1

Replay of course meant that a good Bank Holiday money-spinner against local rivals Droylsden didn't happen - well done to the FA for organising the rounds as such (and I know that Mossley were not the only club to lose out in this way !).  Such is life ...