Thursday 29 September 2016

Last Week ...

 Don't you just love "wide-angle distortion" ??? I do !!! (Bakewell Church - 10mm 1/125sec at f9.0)

... last chance for "R and R" before the Christmas sh*t hits the fan - it was nice to have 7 lie-ins beyond 0515hrs (although I did wake up automatically a few times - the "Sod it and turn over moment" is still very refreshing !!).

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday were spent - you've guessed it - walking ... doing three walks out of our new Walk Book (Thanks Mum - only seven left !!).  A wander round Bakewell on Thursday followed by an excellent meal at Le Mistral in Wirksworth followed by Comedy Night at Wirksworth Festival (Shazia Mirza - excellent stand-up !!).  Late start to Friday (sneaked a short walk in though) before heading to Ashbourne for the Beer Festival (!). Saturday saw football at Matlock (see earlier post), and a lazy start to Sunday before returning to reality ...

Surprisingly few pics from the week - but hey ...

Caravan Week Sep16

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Mossley v Ossett Albion

 Well we did get an equaliser at one stage ... Tom Pratt ...

Great to be back - two horrible days back at work - followed by this "attempt" at a football game by the home side.  Shambolic, dreadful, you name it - anyway it was not pretty - and something needs to be done rather sharpish - the 5-0 win away at Prescot seems to have been a one-off (noting that Hyde United won 4-0 there tonight).  Hope you weren'5 expecting too many pics ... I'd have been better off sorting out my holiday pics from last week - but hey ... here goes ...

Mossley 1 Ossett Albion 3

'Nuff said ...

Monday 26 September 2016

Matlock Town Reserves v Mickleover RBL ...

 Jordan Lee (a special request from "Mum" !!!)

... in the Central Midlands League South.  

I had a week off last week - so we went down to our caravan for a week of rest/relaxation/walks (!).  Pictures from that to come later ... but when you have a Saturday off - it's football.  After a thorough search through the "Non League Paper", this was the best option, given I wanted football and alcohol (!!).

'Twas nice to be asked (yet again) "Are you a pensioner ?" at the gate (visions of Saddleworth Rangers Rugby League !); not just yet (!) so £3 in and believe it or not ... my first visit to Causeway Lane (OK the Autoworld Arena !) since the new stand and Social Club had been built (5/6 years ?).  A good search through my pics might find a picture of Rico (Ian) stood outside the old club with a phone glued to his head !

To the game ... Matlock started really well and by half-time were a well-deserved 2-0 up.  However something happened at half-time - God knows what - and by 90 minutes the home team had leaked 4 goals and had a red card to boot - just seemed like Mickleover wanted it more, and the whole Matlock team visibly drooped under the onslaught.  Given that the First Team lost 2-0 at Mickleover Sports ... not the greatest day ...  Pics from the game at

Matlock Town Reserves 2 Mickleover RBL 4

Home now - a wonderful wet day back at the mail face today - aargh - and catch up with the weekend footy in my locality (not good to be honest) - tomorrow night sees Mossley v Ossett Albion.

Sunday 18 September 2016

Curzon Ashton v Consett AFC - FA Cup 17Sep16

 Michael Sweet has just made it 1-1 ...

Oh the joy of the FA Cup - especially when you're the underdog (although I didn't feel like that when Ashton Athletic stuck 7 past Mossley !!).

A somewhat lacklustre performance from the home team was punished by a 90th minute equaliser from the hard-working Steelmen - and at the end of the day it was no more than they deserved - and credit the travelling fans for creating a real atmosphere on a baking hot day !!  I'll bet they all enjoyed the long journey home ...  pics from the game (from the Consett end) at

Curzon Ashton 1 Consett AFC 1

Replay next Tuesday - and I'm sure John Flanagan will have had a few words to say in the dressing room after the game !

Sunday 11 September 2016

Mossley v Brighouse Town

To repeat a quote from last Saturday .... OMG

John Bennett ...

Mossley 0 Brighouse Town 4

Dismal - shambolic - I could go on ... but following a truly naff week at work (save my Wednesday off in Buxton) this really put the (poo) icing on the (poo) cake ...

(until I heard about Stafford Rangers' 3-1 home defeat by Ashton United).

... and so it all begins again tomorrow ...

Friday 9 September 2016

Midweek Getaway ...

"The Crescent" at Buxton - under serious revamp ...

A rare midweek day off - for many reasons - taking me Mum away to see our new "second home" and then a day out in Buxton - and the weather was kind !!.  Back up to Mossley on Wednesday evening for a bit of a family "get together" and then it was back to work for me whilst Mum went back home with Mrs Smiffy.

Day in Buxton

A welcome break in what has been a seriously naff week at work !

Stalybridge v Nuneaton

Andy Owens ...


Stalybridge 0 Nuneaton 4

Following Liam Watson's resignation, Bridge turned up pretty much "rudderless" - and the less said about the performance the better - now if the new Managers had been there, maybe the players may well have performed (in their own interests natch) - but no ... 'twas awful.

(NOTE - I'm writing this (very late) because if you cop the next post you'll work out that I missed the Tuesday night victory against Gainsborough - so maybe that was the day that certain players decided to "do a bit" - having missed the game I cannot comment - but let's hope that there were some proverbial "kicks up arses" - and I'm sure Ackers and Phillo will be able to sort out the dead wood fairly sharpish !!).