Tuesday 31 January 2017

Curzon Ashton v Stalybridge Celtic - 30th January

New Celtic signing Sefton Gonzales - with Chris Rowney in hot pursuit ...

Pics at

Curzon Ashton 0 Stalybridge Celtic 0


Sunday Walk - 29th January

Just a short local leg stretcher ...

Sunday walk 29Jan17

'Twas a touch chilly !!

Friday Walk - 27th January

'Twas a touch chilly - with ice ...

Well you can do that sort of thing when you're not working ... a 6 miler around the Broadbottom area ...

Friday Walk

Mossley v Hyde United - 28th January

Darrhyl Mason challenges ex-Lillywhite Russ Saunders

You could say ... a bit of a stuffing for Mossley on a bit of a mudheap... however two disallowed goals for the home side gave the score a rather flattering look ... pics at

Mossley 1 Hyde United 4

Sunday 29 January 2017

New Year - New Laziness

A touch of catch-up to do ... will top up this post with the early January stuff ... soon ...