Thursday 29 January 2015

Thursday Wander ...

... and a touch unexpected it was !

Into work at Greenfield - no problems on the train - but the snow was coming down in buckets - and sticking big style !  We prepped as normal - and then had to hang around/sit around/twiddle thumbs/drink tea/nip out for fag etc whilst waiting for a "Management Decision" ... it took a while (!!!) but eventually we were told .. "All Deliveries in the Oldham area are suspended today".

Walked back up to Greenfield Railway Station (sneakily delivering mail between PO and Station - but don't tell anyone !) Came home - got changed - grabbed camera and headed off down the canal - back towards Greenfield (!)

Walking down the Canal 29Jan15

Maybe it's just me (?) but snow pictures always turn out "so monochrome" if you know what I mean - can be difficult to just try and get a bit of colour in (pic above seemed to work well mind !) - no help with the sky either today - just a dull grey ...

Snowing again tonight in Mossley - so we go into work tomorrow with a full frame of mail and parcels already prepped - and naturally we'll have as much again (if not more) to throw in as well - should be fun (this assumes of course that we can actually get out tomorrow ... QED as they say).

Meanwhile I sit in the warmth finally watching one of my Christmas pressie DVDs (AC/DC Live in Paris 1979 - yep with Bon Scott on vocals).

Monday 26 January 2015

Sunday Wander ...


... above Dove Stone Reservoir ... checking out the last remnants of the snow - and by heck it was cold on the tops - perfect for a "Postie's Day Off" !!!  Other pics at

Dove Stone Wander 25Jan15

Maybe more snow on Wednesday ???  Aargh !!!

Sunday 25 January 2015

Mossley v Ossett Town ...

Tom Pratt celebrates putting Mossley 1-0 up ...

All sorted in the first 39 minutes ...must have lost the toss because the home team were playing "the wrong way" in the first half !! No probs in the end ... a 3-0 half-time lead was followed by a comfortable second half - probably the only problem occurred when Ossett put the ball in the net - however in the build-up an Ossett player went down holding his head - so the ref stopped it - gorblimey the Ossett bench went ballistic !!!  Naturally the guy who went down with the "assassination option" got up fairly quickly - this "head holding thing" can work both ways can't it ??? The Mossley run continues ... pics from the game at

Mossley 3 Ossett Town 0

(An afterthought from the weekend - notwithstanding all the FA Cup shocks - well done to Ashton United with their 3-2 win over Workington .... and also well done to Glossop North End with their 1-0 away win at Worksop Town in the FA Vase !!!)

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Snow Pix ? Almost ...

Managed to snatch 10 minutes outside the back door on Sunday ... my Christmas tips from work helped me to buy a new lens - a Canon 24mm f2.8 "pancake lens".  Aim of the purchase is to look more at "macro photography", but I've yet to give it a full "road test" - but here's a few from that "10 minutes outside" ...

... I also bought a set of cheap extension tubes - the idea behind them is that you move the front of the lens further away from the camera sensor ... which means you can get even closer to the subject.  Pics above do not use the extension tubes - maybe if I get more than 10 minutes (!!) I'll try a "with and without" type of thing !!!

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Droylsden v Mossley

... certainly a game of two halves - fortunately, being 3-0 up at half-time does help ...

Pics from game at

Droylsden 2 Mossley 4

Sunday 11 January 2015

Mossley v Burscough

 Captain Andy Keogh on the ball ...

... or another wet wet wet one (with added gale force winds for a while !!)

Probably a fair result in the end given the conditions - 'twas another goal from Mossley's resident free-kick expert Kyle McGonigle which shared the points.  Pics from the game at

Mossley 1 Burscough 1

Today ... off to Chester to decamp small boy back back at Uni - and then down to Stafford to see me Mum and Dad ...

Monday 5 January 2015

Catch-Up #3 - Rishworth Moor Walk - 04Jan2015

Good time of year for "ice sculpture"

Rishworth Moor Walk 04Jan15

Catch-Up #2 - OLdham Boro v Atherton Colls - 03Jan2015

 Getting a shot in ...

Saturday - back at work and wondering where to go for football afterwards - my aim was Curzon Ashton v Ramsbottom United ... but found out that had been called off quite early.  Ashton United v  FC United ?? To be honest I just don't like the big games that much - I knew AUFC would have a couple of snappers (and FC would have about ten !!!!!!).  Got home about 1345hrs and checked out the North West Counties website - and to my amazement the Oldham Boro v Atherton Colls game had been called ON - obviously Oldham Boro groundshare at Mossley - I was just amazed that the pitch was declared playable after the "New Year Mudbath" !!! Hey ho - let's go - and of course it's only up the road from Chez Smiffy - which helps !!!

Atherton Colls - 2nd in the league ... Oldham Boro - propping up the table ... so which end does the snapper go to ??? No contest - support our groundshare team !!!!!

'Twas a touch quiet at "that end" however (!) ........ pics at 

Oldham Boro 0 Atherton Collieries 5

Seems every time I watch Oldham Boro something happens - red cards etc and they end up on damage limitation - a shame because they're NOT THAT BAD !  They play some good football - they've some skilful players front and back .. OK I don't see that many games, but the ones I do see - they just don't seem to get the breaks.  It's going to be a struggle obviously - but if they hang in there ... who knows ??

Catch-Up #1 - Mossley v Padiham - 01 Jan 2015

Nice day for a bit of football ...

Now that WAS a wet one !!!!

New Years Day - playing the team at the bottom - fingers were crossed for a few goals ... however the majority of the hardy 115 souls who turned up were not actually expecting Padiham to lead the way ... but they did - thanks to ex-Blackpool star Brett Ormerod. Not satisfied with 0-1 at half-time they even had the cheek to go 2-0 up not long after - against the wind/rain etc (and yes the snapper was loving the weather - if Hyde v 'Bridge was grim weather-wise on Boxing Day - this was much worse !!!)

However ... something kicked in Mossley-wise ... and all of a sudden it was 2-2 - and then Padiham got a penalty ... Ormerod up for his hat-trick - FAIL !!!  Finally Mossley turned it round with Sam Robinson grabbing the winner.   I guess form counts for nowt in weather like that anyway - you can tell by the pretty grim set of photos below !!!

Mossley 3 Padiham 2

Ah well - at least it was a day off work !! And Mossley got the three points in the end ....