Saturday 12 December 2015

Paddy O'Hare @ Railway Greenfield 10Dec15

 Man at work - Paddy O'Hare ...

A rare chance to get out on a Thursday - so made the most by hopping on a train for a four minute ride to Greenfield so see some music ... and very good it was too !! A few pics at

Paddy O'Hare - Greenfield 10Dec15

Note writing this just after full-time on a football day ... due to having the "Day from Hell" at work - getting home at about 1445hrs - however the "match of choice" (Stalybridge Celtic v Harrogate Town) had been called off before lunch-time ... as had pretty much everything else in the vicinity.

Tonight - the posties Christmas Bash - see how long I last !!!

Wednesday 9 December 2015

The Plus Side of being a Postie ..

... working 'out in the sticks' .. another phone clear out brings up these two pics - from end of October and end of November ...

(For those "not in the know", the monument is known as Pots'n'Pans - walked up there many times when "off duty"- but "duty" takes me this close as well !!).

Tuesday 8 December 2015

A Bad Attack of the Wind (Mossley v Brighouse Town) ....

Apart from the pint of "Deluded IPA" (Stockport Brewery) ... the best part of the day - Dave Short has just put Mossley 1-0 up ...

... it's been a while "sans football" - a family wedding, bad weather etc etc ... and then on Saturday - more bad weather.

However Mossley v Brighouse Town was called "ON" (I was getting texts from here there and everywhere whilst "out on the job" !!) - but I finished in fairly good time (it IS only 5 mins up the road when I eventually get back from work) - so headed for a VERY windy Seel Park ...

Sadly (for the Mossley fans), it was Brighouse Town who adapted better to the conditions, and despite Mossley going in 1-0 up at half-time ... 'twas only a matter of time I'm afraid.

Pics from the game at

Mossley 1 Brighouse Town 2

Another midweek without I'm afraid - tonight I am reduced to Champions League down at the pub ... when I get there !!!

Friday 27 November 2015

Mossley v Burscough

 Lee Wilshaw cops for it ....

God this is late innit !!!  Pics at

Mossley 2 Burscough 3

Bad day at the office for Mossley - not helped by some "interesting" refereeing and various "antics" from the away side (I could say more .. but to be honest I can't be *rsed !!).  End of the day three points lost (stolen ??) - followed by a 5-1 hammering at Northwich Vics on Wednesday (not there - thankfully !!).

Weekend sees me at a wedding down Derby way on Saturday straight after work - ergo no footy (I could sneak into Belper Town, bang off a few shots whilst dressed up and then shoot off to Horsley Woodhouse - we'll see !!)

Otherwise work still grim ... the Christmas rush has definitely started early ... but according to Royal Mail it doesn't start until December 5th (my *rse !!!!).   Here's my cheeky little option/view on stuff - especially with today being "Black Friday" - God help us next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Mossley/Irlam - Wet #2

Tom Dean makes it 2-0 ...

What an awful night - amazed that the game went ahead (although it HAS to be said that over the last few years the Mossley pitch has improved 1000%, and can certainly take a touch of water - even so it must have been touch and go on Tuesday night).

Not unlike Saturday at Stalybridge ... both sides played football - and did a good job of it !! The two-division gulf between the two teams was plain to see however - although credit Irlam for giving it their best shot.  Have to admit the thrid ond fourth goals owed  a bit to the surface ... plus the odd deflection here and there.  Pics (not greta - for obvious reasons) from the game at 

Mossley 4 Irlam FC 0

Will it recover in time for Saturday's game against Burscough - we wait , we see ...

Stalybridge/Worcester ... Wet #1

 Finding a way thru defence .. and standing water !!!

Saturday (OK I'm late ... but I do have a life outside here).

So .. Saturday - finished work late got to football late (viz 1530hrs) - the Christmas sh*te is kicking in (plus when your normal oppo is off, things go to sh*te - as it had all week).

Weather sh*te during work hours - work sh*te during football hours ... HOWEVER it was good to see both teams playing football given the conditions - and Worcester certainly didn't look like a bottom of the table team (Danny Jackman caught my eye)

 I got there in the end ... pics at Stalybridge 3 Worcester 1

Such is life ... and today's word comes from the letter sh*te ....

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Football ?? Not ..

 Token "weekend photo" - from the Belper bonty down the Meadows ...

Saturday saw me heading down to Belper for a family party after work .. I was probably going through Matlock as they scored their 90th minute third goal ... otherwise I was suffering BBC Radio Derby (once Real XS signal went !!) and Burton Albion's demise against Peterborough ...

No football since - even tonight (Tuesday) - it's been grim at work - rain rain rain on Monday and the usual "light Tuesday" wasn't.  By the time I got home I just couldn't be *rsed - lucky really - the two options saw both Stalybridge lose (to Northwich Villa in the Cheshire Senior Cup) and Ashton United lose (to Nantwich Town in the Doodson Cup) - even Mossley lost on their travails to Ossett in similar cup.

Happy to realise the rest of the week at work will be sh*te ... and Saturday is NOT looking promising for football given the state we're in already at work ...

I hate Christmas sometimes ...


Monday 2 November 2015

Sunday Walk above Ladybower ...

Reservoir at 56% capacity we were told - bits of Derwent Village showing ...

Amazing weather for the first day of November ... had to be done ...

Derwent Edge Walk 01Nov15

Ashton United v Ramsbottom United ...

 Aaron Burns gets a "helping hand" ...

... in the FA Trophy ...

Ashton United 2 Ramsbottom United 2

Friday 30 October 2015

Mossley v Droylsden ...

Mitch Bryant has a crack ...

Comfy for Mossley - worrying for the Bloods mind

Mossley 5 Droylsden 1

A handy warm-up for Mossley before the daunting trip to Darlington in the FA Trophy tomorrow - point needs making that they STILL need to tighten up at the back - just saying ...

Me tomorrow - at Ashton United for their FA Trophy game at home to Ramsbottom United ..

Clearout ...

Another souvenir uncovered in the loft ... framed and everything !!

from the phone - some people take interesting stuff on their phones - I guess I'm not one of them ...

Phone Camera Clearout

(and this was probably the half-interesting stuff !!)

Monday 26 October 2015

Saturday Night ... Seth Lakeman.

Seth - from the "lower balcony" (form phone)

... once the Celtic game finished it was get home ASAP - shower, eat etc (I'd been REALLY good all afternoon - because I was "Des" ... as in  designated driver !).  

Drove over to Holmfirth to see Seth Lakeman at the Picturedrome - first time there ... what a cracking venue (just a shame it's a PIA to get to - only way is drive) Last saw him at Buxton Opera House back in 2011

What a good gig - what a very good gig indeed - didn't take any photographic apparatus apart from phone - but hey ... you see with your ears sometimes.

I might be seen by many as a heavy metal/psychedelic rocker ... but you should see my music collection - and there is a lot of Seth Lakeman there !!  A cracking night out indeed ...

P.S. be warned - I've emptied all the photos off my phone - I may well do an album of the best !!!

Sunday 25 October 2015

Stalybridge Celtic v North Ferriby United - FACup - 24 Oct15

 "Well we nicked a draw" - eyes to the sky by Celtic Manager Liam Watson

Not the greatest of games - given the amount of money involved ... but a late late goal from Bohan Dixon made sure Celtic sneaked into the 1st Round draw tomorrow from game at

Stalybridge Celtic 1 North Ferriby 1

Friday 23 October 2015

Mossley v Witton Albion

Dave Short on the chase ...

... and the win streak goes on - some interesting comments from the Witton end ("a poor Mossley side" etc) - but hey 4-0 is 4-0.  Trick is not to get a player sent off I guess !! Pics from game at

Mossley 4 Witton Albion 0

Tomorrow - for me - is a trip to Bower Fold to see if Stalybridge Celtic can get past North Ferriby United and arrive in the 1st Round Proper of the FA Cup - fingers crossed ...

Sunday 18 October 2015

Mossley v Bamber Bridge

Mike Fish in "Fisherman's Pose" ... "It was THIS big !!"
Time for some revenge following the FA Cup defeat by Brig earlier in the season. An excellent first 45 minutes of football by the home side, who then went 2-0 up early on in the second half.  Seemed to ease off a touch after that - Brig pulled one goal back and - following the referee's indication of 5 (five) minutes added time (how ?? where from ??), Bamber Bridge were awarded a penalty.  Thankfully Liam Flynn pulled off a great save; it would have been an absolute travesty if the visitors had gone home with a point. Some pics from the game at

Mossley 2 Bamber Bridge 1

So it's onwards and upwards for Mossley - unbeaten now in five games and back in the top half of the table.  Another home league game on Tuesday against Witton Albion before the FA Trophy game away at Darlington next Saturday.

Friday 16 October 2015

Stalybridge Celtic v Chasetown - FACup Replay 13Oct15

It was hard work all night for the home team ...

... but they got there in the end - pics from game at

Stalybridge Celtic 2 Chasetown 0 (FAC Rep)

Next stop - a home tie against North Ferriby United (who will no doubt feature Tom Denton - as in ex-Mossley Tom Denton) - it's on my calendar ...

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Home on Saturday ... then ...

"Where the hell have you been all bloody week ??" - a stern-looking Rollo ...

... sort out dirty washing (much !), relaxing evening (yes even a take-away !) - then Sunday ... continue with clean-up, prep tea, trip to supermarket to catch up with food and then .... guess what ... a bit of a walk !!!!!

Nothing dramatic mind - just up the canal to Greenfield, quick pint in the Railway (OK two) and a brief glimpse at the Fabulous Dilly Sisters - a few less than brill pix (I had my "walking lens" on) at

Fabulous Dilly Sisters @ Railway Greenfield 11Oct15

... and then home back down the canal (to eat the slow-cooked lamb shanks wot I sorted earlier !)

Monday 12 October 2015

Cotswold Way ...

I've been away !!

Token posy pic - Winchcombe High Street ...

Strange really - I checked my holiday chart a couple of weeks ago .. and realised I had a week's holiday at the beginning of October - and the added bonus was that now that Mrs Smiffy is officially "retired" - we could actually do something with it !!  An abortive trip to travel agents (no decent Saturday flights to anywhere with walks !) meant we hit the internet to book stuff (mostly pubs of course !!) for a seven dayer down on the Cotswold Way.  So - following the "archetypal Postie day off" recently, it was the "archetypal Postie week off" - 50 miles through the Cotswolds starting in Chipping Camden finishing in Painswick near Stroud.  A couple of wet days and then it dried up.  All in all a good week away. Some pics at

Cotswold Way - October 2015

Back at work today - aargh - back at football tomorrow (Stalybridge v Chasetown FA Cup replay) ...

Situation normal ...

Mossley v Harrogate RA - FA Trophy 03Oct15 - Catching up !

I've been away !!

An Alex Low O.G. was the difference at the end of the day (second left) ...

A bit of revenge for the league defeat a few weeks ago - and a few bob in the kitty as well - again match report available at this place

Mossley 1 Harrogate RA 0 (FAT)

Next stop - Darlington - aargh - we've had some interesting encounters with them chaps in the not too distant past - fingers crossed for Hallowe'en ...

Mossley v New Mills 29Sep15 - Catching up !

Guess how many goals Tom Pratt has scored ...

I've been away !!

If you need a match report try this.   Suffice to say there are some pics from the game at

Mossley 3 New Mills 0

... shame there weren't more goals given the amount New Mills have been shipping - still it's three points at the end of the day.

Wednesday 30 September 2015

The Archeytypal "Postie Day Off"

24 hours late mate !!!

Sunday morn - Mrs S not feeling so bright (sneezy, fluish etc etc - still not perfick as I type this on the Tuesday !!). A morning of tidying up (laptop and house ... in THAT order !!), before cabin fever set in.  I'd seen something on Facebook about Saddleworth CC's last home game - so I headed down - to find if I had read the Facebook post proper like, I'd have known it was on the Saturday ...

Hey ho - I went for a wander ... some pics at

Sunday Wander 27Sep15

Sunday 27 September 2015

Saddleworth Rangers v Myton Warriors

 Myton Warriors on the charge ...

... yes we're in the football season ... but when everything conspires - you take the best option.  Finished work in good time to get the train home (plan was Droylsden v Lancaster in the FA Cup) ... but then it all went pear-shaped.  Train from Greenfield was 36 minutes late .. so no chance of getting to the Butchers Arms.

However ... with the trains terminating at Stalybridge and then turning straight round - I got to Mossley, dashed up home, quick change, grab (prepared) camera bag, dash back down to station - and catch train I've just come in on - result !

Missed start of game - noticed Jackie (Saddleworth Rangers "official" snapper) so decided to do the "wrong end" ... and here they are ...

Saddleworth Rangers 22 Myton Warriors 44

It's not been the greatest of seasons for Saddleworth ...

Friday 25 September 2015

Stalybridge Celtic Youth v Prescot Cables Youth

... in the FA Youth Cup 1st Qualifying Round ... not a good night for the home team - well beaten in the end (by 10 men for a good while as well) - hey ho - pics at

Stalybridge Celtic Youth 2 Prescot Cables Youth 5

So .. in less than a week Prescot Cables have come to Tameside twice - - - and won twice - grr !

Sunday 20 September 2015

Mossley v Prescot Cables 19Sep15

Mitch Bryant leads the charge ...

It's all going Pete Tong for the Lilywhites at the moment - after starting the season 5 matches unbeaten (all competitions), they've now lost five in a row (all competitions) - aargh !

Mossley 0 Prescot Cables 1

Being honest ... they're not playing badly - just not getting the rub of the green - especially yesterday when they found Prescot 'keeper Marcus Burgess in excellent form.  Early days yet - but it's a slide that needs reversing - sharpish !

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Torrs Walk 13Sep15

 Some of the amazing "industrial architecture" at New Mills ..

Another Sunday walk - didn't get lost this week though !!

Torrs Walk 13Sep15

Mossley v Warrington Town 12Sep15

 New signing for Mossley - Scott Kay ...

A "hard-fought defeat" against a side who will certainly be there or thereabouts at the end of the season ..

Mossley 2 Warrington Town 3

Sunday 13 September 2015

Getting Lost Over Bleaklow 06Sep15

 The weird and wonderful shapes of Bleaklow Stones ...

Something to do on a Sunday !!  Following a walk found in a book - but failing to fully read said walk ... ended up being reduced to getting the GPS out of the rucksack to get back to the car - all good fun ... Pics at

Bleaklow Walk 06Sep15

Curzon Ashton v Nuneaton Town 05Sep15

Curzon's match winner Matty Warburton has a crack on goal... 

Curzon Ashton finally got their first win in the Vanarama North !!! Some pics from the game at

Curzon Ashton 1 Nuneaton Town 0

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Stalybridge Celtic v Chorley

 Bohan Dixon - a vital part of the Celtic "rearguard action" ...

A bad weather Bank Holiday Monday ... I'd promised Mrs Smiffy a day out walking (thus forgoing any football - honest !).  However the early morning lousy weather led us to say "Sod the walk - let's go elsewhere" ... and elsewhere led to a trip into traffic-snarled Ashton and Sainsburys and Ikea.  The traffic-snarling (plus the dawdlers in Ikea) meant we didn't get home until 1430hrs - then it was "You bugger off to the football" - so I did - arriving 5 minutes in !!!

Pics from game at

Stalybridge Celtic 0 Chorley 1

The game ?? Well I reckon the referee came out on top - for all the wrong reasons (OK "most" of the wrong reasons !).  What with Celtic playing against 9 men on Saturday @ Stockport County - Monday saw the proverbial boot on the other foot.  An heroic second half defensive display almost - just almost - saw the 0-0 through to the end ... sadly it was not to be.  Celtic - and their fans - should be proud of their team's second-half efforts .. the referee on the other hand should take a long hard look at his performance.  Can't argue with the first red card - but after that his performance degenerated into a shambles (he also sent off Celtic boss Liam Watson). All in all a bit of a comedown for the home team after their 3-0 away win at Stockport on the Saturday - but hey that's football - i.e. a bit of a bugger at times ...

Mossley v Bamber Bridge ...

... on the (long) road to Wembley ... viz the Emirates FA Cup 1st Preliminary Round !!  

 Mitch Bryant strikes to put Mossley 1-0 up ...

I guess that at the end of the day Mossley were fortunate to come out of the game with a draw - you have to say that Brig were much the better team on the day ... but ... we live to fight another day.

Pics from the game at 

Mossley 1 Bamber Bridge 1

Replay of course meant that a good Bank Holiday money-spinner against local rivals Droylsden didn't happen - well done to the FA for organising the rounds as such (and I know that Mossley were not the only club to lose out in this way !).  Such is life ...

Friday 28 August 2015

Ashton United v Blyth Spartans - 25Aug15

Dale Johnson looking for a way through ...

Some controversy at the end (goal line techno urgently required) - but can't really argue with the result ..
Pics at 

Ashton United 0 Blyth Spartans 2

Mossley v Clitheroe ...22Aug15

 Sam Robinson celebrates - it's 3-0 to Mossley !

More pics at

Mossley 3 Clitheroe 0

Thursday 20 August 2015

Mossley v Trafford 18Aug15

View of Mossley boss Peter Band at 90 minutes (captions welcomed !!!)

Hmm ... 0-0 ... hmm ...first against 11 men, then against 10 men, then against 9 men - all credit to Trafford who defended like hell to be honest !!  I guess the whole "playing against less than 11 men" can be a problem (how many times have you seen a 10-man side nick it ??).   Plus of course I've failed to go down the "high-spending Trafford" line (until now anyway !!!).  A point is a point at the end of the day (Trafford may see it as a win but they're now two players down for a match)

Pics from game at

Mossley 0 Trafford 0

Onward to Saturday - home to Clitheroe - no doubt all eyes will be on the dug-outs at 90 minutes ... (if you're not up to speed with that phrase ... check out this link from last season  !!!)

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Forever Catch-up ... Two games here ...

Too much to do - too little time to do it - hence setting up photo albums at daft o'clock in the morning ...

Elbow (left) - Aidan Chippendale (right) ...

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Gloucester City 0

Late winner from Chris Simm nicked it for Stalybridge - much improved performance after Tuesday (in my humble opinion !!) ...

Sunset over the Tameside Staduim ...

Curzon Ashton 1 Harrogate Town 2

Curzon now up in the National League - and yes it IS a big step up (I wanted to say quantum leap but I didn't !!) - after last night it's one draw and two defeats - plus 3 red cards so far (two last Saturday at Boston United and one last night).  Knowing the Curzon boss however, I reckon he'll get it sorted sooner rather than later.

next step - Mossley's 0-0 draw at home to Trafford tonight - on hte case quite soon ...

Thursday 13 August 2015

Catch-up ... Stalybridge Celtic v Bradford PA 11Aug15

Stalybridge 1 Bradford PA 1

Catch-up Time - Holiday Snaps Parts 1, 2 and 3

What can I say ?? Two weeks off work (hallelujah !) - and it was planned like a military operation.  So after Saturday workies it was home, change and then drive down to Herefordshire for a couple of days staying with some mates who've moved down there - barbie on Saturday night which was unfortunately the best of the weather over the whole weekend.  

Sunday/Monday was therefore spent NOT walking !!!!  Hey ho - nice to see old friends and some stuff down there

1 - Herefordshire

Left Ledbury on Monday afternoon arriving home early evening - in time to get next set of suitcases ready for a 0400 start to get to Manchester Airport to catch a flight to Crete. 

Thence followed 7 days of glorious sunshine (39 degrees - aargh !), good food and plenty of walking  (can't go on hols and let a postie's legs seize up !). I could say a whole lot more - but I'll leave it to the pics ....

2. Crete

Got back home about 1900 on the Tuesday after - Mrs Smiffy says "I'll sort out packing - you bugger off" (i.e. to Mossley v Hyde United - see t'other post). So I did ...  got home sorted pics from game, went to bed and then it was off to Northumberland the following morning to see some other mates.

3. Northumberland

Another good few days away - good food and beer ... me and Mrs S grabbed a lengthy walk up in the Cheviots as well  (can't go on hols and let a postie's legs seize up !) - a wander round Alnwick saw many Christmas presents bought as well - and it was the International Music Festival as well so we went to a "bit of a do" on the Friday night - very enjoyable.  

Left Saturday morning (late) - once round the beach at Druridge Bay and home - Mrs Smiffy says "I'll sort out unpacking - you bugger off" (i.e. Mossley v Ramsbottom - see t'other post).

And that ............... was that ............  OK we went out for a leg-stretch around  Dove Stone ressie on Sunday before sorting out stuff - and then it was 0600 wake-up on Monday and back to work ...

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Catch-up Time - Mossley v Ramsbottom United 08Aug15

 Mossley Old and New ... Caldon Henson and Melford Knight

... continuing in catch-up mode - arrived back from "Holiday 3" and up to Seel Park by 1520 - Rammy already 1-0 up ... but they got there in the end !!!

Mossley 1 Ramsbottom United 1


Catch-up Time - Mossley v Hyde United 04Aug15

John Buceto thwarted ...

Reckon it's just time to get the football up and running - a few weeks off work and it all goes to c*ck !!  In between holidays I got back to see this game - before shooting off away again ...

Mossley 1 Hyde United 0

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Mossley v Ashton United PSF 21Jul15

 It's in there somewhere ....

No mention of Willow Wood Hospice Cup either - is someone else doing that this season ???

Enjoyable game - thought Mossley acquitted themselves well against their higher league opposition (not unlike last Tuesday against Stalybridge)  Pics from game at

Mossley 0 Ashton United 2

(I do promise - when the season starts in earnest - I'll get back to putting proper captions on the pics !!).

Monday 20 July 2015

No Saturday Football ...

Sunset over Hurst Cross ...

... because I went out on Friday night to watch Ashton United take on the Burnley Development Squad - well we do have a Burnley fan "in the family" !!!  

Report here ... pics at

Ashton United 1 Burnley XI 2

Next stop ... Mossley v Ashton United ...

Thursday 16 July 2015

Mossley v Stalybridge - PSF - 14Jul15

 Tom Pratt strikes for Mossley's equaliser ...

... and up the hill for Mossley's first PSF of the season ...

Pics from game at

Mossley 1 Stalybridge Celtic 2 - PSF

No names - well not many (!) - they're still only friendlies ... but the snapper needs to get back up to speed as well ...

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Stalybridge Celtic v Barnsley - Pre Season Friendly 11Jul15

Chris Simm has a crack ...

... after coming down from JST on the Friday night ... it was back to work on Saturday morning/early afternoon before heading up to Bower Fold for some FOOTBALL !!!!

Pics from game at 

Stalybridge Celtic 0 Barnsley 1

More to come ...