Friday 28 August 2015

Ashton United v Blyth Spartans - 25Aug15

Dale Johnson looking for a way through ...

Some controversy at the end (goal line techno urgently required) - but can't really argue with the result ..
Pics at 

Ashton United 0 Blyth Spartans 2

Mossley v Clitheroe ...22Aug15

 Sam Robinson celebrates - it's 3-0 to Mossley !

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Mossley 3 Clitheroe 0

Thursday 20 August 2015

Mossley v Trafford 18Aug15

View of Mossley boss Peter Band at 90 minutes (captions welcomed !!!)

Hmm ... 0-0 ... hmm ...first against 11 men, then against 10 men, then against 9 men - all credit to Trafford who defended like hell to be honest !!  I guess the whole "playing against less than 11 men" can be a problem (how many times have you seen a 10-man side nick it ??).   Plus of course I've failed to go down the "high-spending Trafford" line (until now anyway !!!).  A point is a point at the end of the day (Trafford may see it as a win but they're now two players down for a match)

Pics from game at

Mossley 0 Trafford 0

Onward to Saturday - home to Clitheroe - no doubt all eyes will be on the dug-outs at 90 minutes ... (if you're not up to speed with that phrase ... check out this link from last season  !!!)

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Forever Catch-up ... Two games here ...

Too much to do - too little time to do it - hence setting up photo albums at daft o'clock in the morning ...

Elbow (left) - Aidan Chippendale (right) ...

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Gloucester City 0

Late winner from Chris Simm nicked it for Stalybridge - much improved performance after Tuesday (in my humble opinion !!) ...

Sunset over the Tameside Staduim ...

Curzon Ashton 1 Harrogate Town 2

Curzon now up in the National League - and yes it IS a big step up (I wanted to say quantum leap but I didn't !!) - after last night it's one draw and two defeats - plus 3 red cards so far (two last Saturday at Boston United and one last night).  Knowing the Curzon boss however, I reckon he'll get it sorted sooner rather than later.

next step - Mossley's 0-0 draw at home to Trafford tonight - on hte case quite soon ...

Thursday 13 August 2015

Catch-up ... Stalybridge Celtic v Bradford PA 11Aug15

Stalybridge 1 Bradford PA 1

Catch-up Time - Holiday Snaps Parts 1, 2 and 3

What can I say ?? Two weeks off work (hallelujah !) - and it was planned like a military operation.  So after Saturday workies it was home, change and then drive down to Herefordshire for a couple of days staying with some mates who've moved down there - barbie on Saturday night which was unfortunately the best of the weather over the whole weekend.  

Sunday/Monday was therefore spent NOT walking !!!!  Hey ho - nice to see old friends and some stuff down there

1 - Herefordshire

Left Ledbury on Monday afternoon arriving home early evening - in time to get next set of suitcases ready for a 0400 start to get to Manchester Airport to catch a flight to Crete. 

Thence followed 7 days of glorious sunshine (39 degrees - aargh !), good food and plenty of walking  (can't go on hols and let a postie's legs seize up !). I could say a whole lot more - but I'll leave it to the pics ....

2. Crete

Got back home about 1900 on the Tuesday after - Mrs Smiffy says "I'll sort out packing - you bugger off" (i.e. to Mossley v Hyde United - see t'other post). So I did ...  got home sorted pics from game, went to bed and then it was off to Northumberland the following morning to see some other mates.

3. Northumberland

Another good few days away - good food and beer ... me and Mrs S grabbed a lengthy walk up in the Cheviots as well  (can't go on hols and let a postie's legs seize up !) - a wander round Alnwick saw many Christmas presents bought as well - and it was the International Music Festival as well so we went to a "bit of a do" on the Friday night - very enjoyable.  

Left Saturday morning (late) - once round the beach at Druridge Bay and home - Mrs Smiffy says "I'll sort out unpacking - you bugger off" (i.e. Mossley v Ramsbottom - see t'other post).

And that ............... was that ............  OK we went out for a leg-stretch around  Dove Stone ressie on Sunday before sorting out stuff - and then it was 0600 wake-up on Monday and back to work ...

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Catch-up Time - Mossley v Ramsbottom United 08Aug15

 Mossley Old and New ... Caldon Henson and Melford Knight

... continuing in catch-up mode - arrived back from "Holiday 3" and up to Seel Park by 1520 - Rammy already 1-0 up ... but they got there in the end !!!

Mossley 1 Ramsbottom United 1


Catch-up Time - Mossley v Hyde United 04Aug15

John Buceto thwarted ...

Reckon it's just time to get the football up and running - a few weeks off work and it all goes to c*ck !!  In between holidays I got back to see this game - before shooting off away again ...

Mossley 1 Hyde United 0