Tuesday 28 October 2014

Knight Toff

... not totally 100% ... got a late late call yesterday from work ... "Can you come in early" (viz 0600 get-up) - it's cold and damp (nice all day outside at work mind) - Ashton snapper is back from illness - and it's only a friendly at Mossley ...

A lazy night in front of the box ???  Or maybe just pull out those DVD's that Mrs Smiffy doesn't like (AC/DC, Todd Rundgren ... or the "war films") ???

Something like that 

Monday 27 October 2014

Ashton United v Ilkeston FC

 Well I got there ... but it wasn't easy - trains have been sh*te all week to work (despite my two days off on Monday and Tuesday) and true to form we ended up "struggling" on Saturday.  However we got there in the end ('cus we're GOOD !!) and I got up to Hurst Cross for the game.  Always had a soft spot for Ilkeston (from now on to be referred to as "Ilson") - mostly down to the closeness to Belper (when I could do faraway games on a Saturday).  However ... times change - Ilkeston Town "disappeared" and now we have Ilkeston FC.  A couple of years ago I did manage to get down there (or should I say "daarn there" !) for a cup game against Belper Town (see blog post) - and you could see the difference 'twixt Ilkeston Town and Ilkeston FC - ideas above their station etc etc etc ....

Ilson take the lead - spot the hairy one far right !!!

But I digress - got up to Hurst Cross in time for a quick "snifter" pre-match ...  plenty of Ilson fans there - but apart from Phil ... all the peeps I know of old (Sean, Nosmo, Mi Owd) apparently don't bother anymore - damn shame.

Anyway to the game ... in short Ashton were taught a lesson by a very good team - second half subs made a helluva difference, but while Ashton's keeper Phillo kept the score down in the first half, the Ilson 'keeper Jordan Smith did similar after the break.  No complaints with the score from anyone. 

Pics from the game at

Ashton United 0 Ilkeston FC 2

(You never know ... some of the pics might end up in a) the Ashton prog tomorrow night; b) the local freebie paper on Thursday as the usual Ashton snapper was "off sick" ... we'll see !).

Football this week - looks like a return tomorrow to Hurst Cross for the Ashton United v Skelmersdale game - although if work continues as it is continuing ... aargh.. Mossley do have a friendly at home to Atherton Collieries as well.  We'll see ...

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Curzon Ashton v Witton Albion

Smiley Happy People - Sam Walker has just made it 2-1 ...

Far from the cakewalk that I guess many were expecting last night - the struggling visitors gave Curzon one hell of a fright before a cracking free kick and a penalty gave Curzon the edge.  Witton came out the the blocks with all guns blazing, taking an early lead and making the home team lokk very sluggish indeed.  In fact they had chances to increase that lead, but some wayward finishing (and some good work by Curzon 'keeper Hakan Burton) meant it was only 0-1 at half-time.  Curzon improved after the break and the pressure finally told in the end.  Pics from the game at

If Witton play like that every week, they won't be at the wrong end of the table for too long - especially with Tony Sullivan now in the Manager's seat.

Monday 20 October 2014

Oldham Boro v Widnes

Running down the clock ... Gavin O'Keefe ..

Saturday saw another trip up to Seel Park to "see the tenants" ... who have been struggling in the North West Counties Division One to put it mildly !!  However they managed to record their second league win of the season, despite going down to 10 men, despite an over-fussy referee, despite a lot of Widnes pressure towards the end ...a very creditable performance indeed.  Man of the Match for me was the Oldham 'keeper Josh Samberg who kept his side in the game with a string of fine saves in the last 10 minutes. Pics from the game at

Oldham Boro 1 Widnes 0

(apologies for the cr*p effort on the goal !!).

Sunday saw the usual stuff - recycling, supermarket and a wonderfully-created Moroccan Lamb dinner (courtesy of the slo-cooker and my fairly successful attempts to recreate Ras el Hanout from the stuff in our spice cupboard !).  Left-overs tonight - hoping it will taste even better ...

Talking of tonight ... Curzon Ashton v Witton Albion  - and if you're wondering why this is being posted at 1150 on a work day - I've got a couple of days "enforced holiday" (i.e. I didn't choose 'em !!!).

Friday 17 October 2014

Stalybridge Celtic v Nantwich Town ...

Paul Ennis ... plus rain !!!

... in the Cheshire Senior Cup ... on Wednesday (yes late again !!) - having decided against Curzon v Blyth on Monday due to weather - and Mossley away on Tuesday (shame ... they won 1-0 !) I went for the Wednesday option - weather still grim though - hey ho.

... and what a p*ss poor performance that was from Stalybridge - a thoroughly deserved 2-0 defeat on the (grim) night -bravo to ex-Ashton United Manager Danny Johnson and his troops - over the 90 they made the "full-time" team that is Stalybridge look awful.   Bad weather as well for us snappers - but I managed a few (given the score, naturally all at the wrong end !)

Stalybridge Celtic 0 Nantwich Town 2

It's been a sh*tty week all round to be honest ... weather, a lot of mail/parcels ... and of course a very sore bottom.  Had the full "investigation" interview today (which includes going to the "scene of the crime", photos etc etc).  Appparently Royal Mail (in conjunction with the Police) WILL prosecute - which I'm not too happy about - whatever happened to yellow card then red card ??? Admittedly, had the dog attack caused serious injuries (viz incapacitation etc) maybe maybe ??? But - although it was a hospital job, I was still in for work on Monday.  Reckon they're working on the premise (brought about by lazy-arsed workers - of which there are many !!) that I should have phoned in sick on Monday and gone for a week or two on the sick (Post Traumatic Dog Disorder or summat ?!?). Sod that - get on with it - give 'em a warning .. and if it happens again then - and only then -  go for the prosecution.  Watch this space ...

Sunday 12 October 2014

An Eventful Saturday ...

... to say the least !!!!

Work in the morning was "livened up" somewhat ... by a real live dog bite inflicted on yours truly - walking down the road when a large alsatian (off lead) came haring towards me with all guns blazing.  As taught, the bag was used to protect my front - however dog ran round and bit me from behind ... in a rather 'awkward place' (I'll let you decide !). Having lifted up trouser leg to see no blood pouring down it, I finished off before checking the damage.  Ouch - five puncture wounds in that 'awkward place'.  Better safe than sorry thought I ... so it was off to Tameside Hospital to get it looked at - they cleaned it up before giving me the tetanus jobbie (and a pile of penicillin).  Got home in time to grab bag and shoot up the hill to see the "local derby" - Mossley v Droylsden.

Tom Pratt on the ball ...

A very good performance from the home team - and a result that surprised many (myself included !) - a 4-2 win and a very healthy attendance of 389.  Pics from the game at

Mossley 4 Droylsden 2

Home - and it was starting to hurt a bit more !!  Quiet night in (with a lot of standing up !!!)

Sunday - and the bruising is coming up nicely - naturally I did report this to my Manager so no doubt there'll be forms to fill in at work tomorrow etc etc etc.  I've even took a couple of "selfies" - because they'll probably be needed.  Before anyone asks though, I will not be going down the blame/claim line - call me stupid (!) but my only real concern is that the dog owner gets a talking to (especially as some new people have moved in across the road - and they have a small child).  We'll see what goes off tomorrow.

In the meantime - "webs on the web" - some pics taken this morning in a damp and foggy back garden.

 Time to limp off into the sunset ...

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Shrewsbury ... and Stalybridge

"Charlie is me Darwin"

 A non-football weekend for a change - finished work and then drove down to Shrewsbury to meet wife (who'd gone down earlier on train).  We were meeting Nathan - who my wife taught in school nearly 40 years ago whilst on VSO in Nigeria (Otukpo to be exact) !!!  By the time I got there it was virtually 'get changed and food time' - plus natter/memories etc that I knew nowt about !!  Overnight stop and then Sunday was a wander round, boat trip down the Severn, museum, lunch and then home ... have to say though we didn't do too well vis-a-vis food in Shrewsbury - like to think we chose a few wrong 'uns ... a few touristy snaps at

Shrewsbury 05Oct14

Back to work Monday - and it's been chaotic/shambolic to say the least (up to Wednesday anyway !).  Sickness/absences ... and it all goes to cock !! Phone call at 0615 Tuesday morning ... "Can you come in early" etc etc etc.  Weather's been poor too ... and today I had to drive the van  - I was partnered with someone who'd never done the walk - so I let him do the "walker side" while I did the "driver side" (which I'd never done before - but at least I knew where we were going !!!).  At least the overtime will recompense !!!

Another Stalybridge attack halted ...

Tuesday night saw a trip to Stalybridge to watch them play Guiseley (if I'd stayed on the bus I could have got to Glossop - who were playing Mossley - but I'd have probably got there at about half-time !). Talking of choosing a wrong 'un - Stalybridge were taught a footballing lesson last night - while Mossley won 2-1 at Glossop - hey ho - pics from Bower Fold at 

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Guiseley 3

Tonight ... a well-deserved rest ...

Friday 3 October 2014

Salford City v Ashton United ...

"Shall we dance ?" - Mark Haslam (right) and Kayde Coppin
... in the FA Cup replay on Tuesday night (yikes I'm touch late !!).  A mad rush to get there - train late and then bus up to the ground was packed ... stopped everywhere ... then a five minute walk to the ground.  Got there about 10 mins late to be told "You've missed nowt !!" - phew !!

A game of few real (photographic !!) chances was decided with an excellent goal from Mark Haslam.  For all the hype surrounding Salford City (Class of '92 etc) there's work to be done .. not only on the Salford pitch but also the ground itself (the toilets still hark back to the "Class of 1892" !!). So it's Ashton United who get the trip up to Spennymoor ...

Pictures from a wet Moor Lane at

Salford City 0 Ashton United 1