Monday 19 May 2014

Catch-Up (Football-Free) (-ish!)

It's been a while ... blame the lack of football I suppose !! Since last post (9th) and Mrs S went to rediscover our youth on the 10th ... watching "Yes" at the Manchester Apollo - what a cracking gig !! They played "Close to the Edge" in its entirety; "Going for the One" in its entirety; and finished with "The Yes Album" (and encored with "Roundabout" from "Fragile") - amazing to see people even older than us (!!) at the gig and on the tram home - definitely £86 well spent (OK + transport + drinks ... £3-90 a can - more of a rip-off than Keswick !!).

Sunday - grim weather so a day in sorting stuff (although I got out to watch the Man City "We are Champions" game).  There followed a grim week at work .. so many election communications it was untrue (although cannot really complain - 4.5p extra for every one delivered - probably not enough to buy a new lens this year - but it will probably cover the cost of the camera repair - yes the 7d is back home - see below !!).

Managed to scratch the first half of the FA Cup Final on Saturday (1700hrs kick-off ?? bloody stupid - but I suppose the TV rules the roost as usual) before home to sort out some food - we had visitors from Herefordshire - I sorted the Teriyaki glazed salmon while large boy sorted starter and Mrs S sorted pudding.

Proud Mum on Canal at Greenfield !

Sunday saw us walking locally ... pics at


Not too many pics taken - too mch talking with friends we've not seen for a while.  It was nice to have the camera back though !!!  Home - out to buy "Non League Paper" (and sneak into pub to watch Cambridge United return to the Football League by beating Gateshead), food/telly/sleep and then Monday arrived ... all too soon ...

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