Tuesday 1 March 2016

Stalybridge Celtic v AFC Telford United

 Jack Higgins has just made it 5-2 ... and then it all went pear-shaped !!

... crazy ...
... crazy ...
... crazy ...

I can say no more to be honest ... 3-1 up 5-2 up ... and it finishes 5-5 !!!

Credit Telford with their perseverance - maybe discredit Celtic for their performance in the last half-hour (errors with subs maybe ? who am I to say) but you can't knock a ten-goal game for entertainment - can you ??  Pics from game at

Stalybridge Celtic 5 AFC Telford United 5

Sadly tonight's option was called off early - it might have been dry for a few hours after the decision - but it really hammered it down later on - so a good call in the end (had to suffer the Bournemouth/Southampon telly option instead)

Hey ho...

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