Saturday 21 May 2016

Whit Friday ...

  ... more like Wet Friday to be honest !!

The "Annual Holiday" up our way - and working in one of the villages can play havoc with the postie job - hence an 0430hrs get-up in order for an early start/early get-out at work.  Avoided most of the havoc and finished - to be honest - a touch early (but in true RM style we weren't allowed to get away with that ... and were held back to our appointed finish time ...).

Home - relax - eat tea - and then a wander up the canal to Friezland to see some of the bands - as noted, the weather was "not good" (!!), so after a couple of hours it was back home on the train (grabbing a pint in a packed "Railway" at Greenfield where many people had taken shelter from the storm !).  Just a few pics from the evening at

Wet Whit Friday 20May16.

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