Wednesday 27 July 2016

Saturday Off !!

The River Dove in Wolfscote Dale ...

Well it happens now and again ... Friday afternoon saw us heading down to our new (OK well second-third-fourth-hand) second home - yes we've bought a static caravan !!!  Not had it long - obviously needs some TLC - so we're on the case.  Friday saw barbie outside with some mates who dropped in on their way elsewhere ... Saturday - a long walk ... Sunday - slap some paint on the decking followed by a shorter walk.  Some pics from weekend at


Naturally .. this static caravan lark is a whole new experience ... we're learning as we go along (at least we can turn on the water, the gas and the boiler so far !!).  Here's a tip from our "next door neighbours" viz barbies ... get an extension lead, plug in a desk fan and aim it at the coals - saves hours !!!

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