Wednesday 10 May 2017

Manchester Premier Cup Final ...

James Roberts has a crack ...

A trip out to a "Football League" ground ... with all the aggro that it involves  - non-smoking stadium, cr*p beer at inflated prices, search bag ("That's a professional camera ... you can't etc etc etc") .. aargh !!!  We made it through however.
Celtic's last chance to make something out of what has been a sh*t season to be honest - and at the end of the night they weren't far off - a freaky wind assisted goal in the first five minutes was all that separated the two sides - although towards the end there was some momentous "goal saving" efforts by the Celtic defence as they pushed forward.  Hey ho - well done to FCUM at the end of the day - now time for Celtic to regroup and prepare for the Evo-Stik League.  Pics from the night at

FCUM 1 Stalybridge Celtic 0


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