Thursday 17 August 2017

Stafford Rangers v Sutton Coldfield Town - 15th August

Joe Thomas finds a gap ...

A few days staying down at my Mum's gave me a chance to catch a game at the Rangers - I could talk till the end of time about Stafford Rangers and the 1970s (I WAS THERE !!!) but viewings have been few and far between since the mid 80s.  

Hey ho - they'd got off to a flyer beating Alty on the Saturday - Sutton Coldfield had also won on the opening day so something had to give ... and it was the away team.  Stafford started slowly, but got the opening goal just before half-time - and following the cup of tea and slice of lemon it was easy street in the second 45.  

A crowd of 615 (OK a far cry from the 2,500+ gates of the "good old days") created an excellent atmosphere as well.  A comfortable win - with pics at

Stafford Rangers 4 Sutton Coldfield Town 1

Next stop ... Matlock Town (QED) ...

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