Saturday 1 March 2014

Ashton United v Kings Lynn ,,

Dale Johnson on the ball for Ashton

... for a match between two teams in the top six ... 'twas so one-sided as to be untrue - who would have expected a 5-1 mauling ???  OK maybe Ackers and Phillo (Ashton bosses).  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon out after 6 days of poo at work - sunny but still cold - and a very good performance by the home team. One moan yet again - the only game on in Tameside today but still only 177 speccies turned up -maybe it's just me - and everyone else says "I can't travel today - but I'm NOT going anywhere else" - a shame really - surely we should all support each other on days like this ??? Hey ho ... you missed a good 'un.  Pics from today at

Ashton United 5 Kings Lynn Town 1

Looking like an empty midweek for football - but with Mrs S being away this weekend I may well take camera out for a walk tomorrow - looking for some good quality local pic ... for reasons that may  appear at a later date.

VERY VERY  late edit (after several shandies !!)   A pic from Jez (Ashton snapper)...

The "thumbs up" is good - but I just love the 'shadow' !!

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