Sunday 30 March 2014

Mossley v Warrington Town

Now we know Charlie Anderson's "underwear of choice" !!!!

  ... yes I made it despite all efforts from Royal Mail and the "parcel hungry" customers of Greenfield to cock it up  !!!

The BBC promised me nice weather in the afternoon - after 20 minutes I was suffering from "white finger" (all ten of 'em) in a bitterly cold wind.  Despite that I DID manage to press the shutter button a few times (although at times I had to confirm that my finger WAS on the shutter button - it was that bad !).  Fine performance from the home team against 3rd placed Warrington Town - capped off by a wonder strike from John Bennett to make it 2-2 with just a couple of minutes left (a 40 yard screamer completely missed by me - you just DON'T expect stuff like that ... maybe I should "gamble" - they're always shouting that word on the bench !)  More pictures at

Mossley 2 Warrington Town 2

... just about defrosted now - it's took a while ... might try a walk out with camera tomorrow (after checking the weather of course !!)

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