Sunday, 27 April 2014

Aaargh - Camera Crisis !!!!!!!!

Sunday - footy pics from Saturday all sorted/uploaded etc.  Weather forecast a touch iffy - but we decided on a shortish walk around the Uppermill area.  Took camera (naturally) and on arrival I tweaked the mode dial button (the one which dictates either aperture mode/shutter mode/manual mode) ...

DISASTER - instead of clicking round the dial just spun ... it had sheared off inside the camera ! Which left me with this (pics taken when I got home via cameraphone) ...

You get the picture ??? AARGH !  So - the camera was stuck in aperture mode (fine for football, but NOT for "out and about").  However I stuck with it (with much twiddling about with ISO settings to try and get a decent shutter speed) and managed to get a few half-decent efforts (including some good close-ups of one of the local herons)  - pics at

Uppermill Walk 27Apr14

Got home - wondered about warranty repair - only to find out I bought the camera on .... would you believe ... 24th April last year, ergo 1 year 3 days - bugger bugger bugger !!!!!!!!

So - a week off work - have already sent off an e-mail to Thomas Camera Services - who did a great job servicing my "old" EOS 50d - we await the damage !!!  Might well ring up the place where I bought said camera - just in case I can swing a warranty repair - not hopeful though.  We shall see.

At least I've got the 50d for whichever footy game I get to this midweek ... the trusty old EOS 20d has been flogged off to a friend of a friend.

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