Sunday 16 November 2014

Mossley v Brighouse Town

One of many from yesterday ...

I could say a lot about this game (OK you Facebook/Twatter monkeys may well have seen it !!) ... but at the end of the day (aaargh cliche !!) Mossley got what they deserved - an appalling first half saw the visitors 2-0 up (OK they'd cynically got rid of playmaker Tom Pratt for the price of a yellow but ..)

A marked improvement by Mossley after the break, getting it back to 2-1 quickly - loads of pressure to find an equaliser  - but then ........... a gigantic howler at the back made it 3-1 and despite best efforts (88th min pen to make it 3-2) 'twas not to be.  Pics at

Mossley 2 Brighouse Town 3

A special mention for the referee - "YOU WERE CRAP" - the cynical tackle on Tom Pratt early doors - viz 12 minutes - had it been 60 minutes ... maybe you'd have given a red card ... thanks for penalty #1 ... but what about penalty #2 ??? The most blatant handball since ... err  ... handball was invented. Too scared to give two pens at one end ??? I think so ...

Enough .. I had my rant on Twatter last night - and got called by a Brighouse fan ... WHO WASN'T EVEN THERE ...

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