Thursday 13 November 2014

Stalybridge Celtic v Lowestoft Town

One of many - Todd Jordan sees yellow ...

Sadly no music from "The Darkness" pre-game (at least I didn't hear any !!).

Obviously I'm putting this up a while after the game - and having seen the Celtic Message Board it's all doom and gloom etc etc (there are many on there who say "Full-Time Project = Success - and when it doesn't, sack the Manager, Board, Chairman etc - they need to get real - and if I had time I'd shout my reasons - but I haven't ... tea's on the go !!).  IMHO 'twas an evenly matched game between two sides who need confidence - Lowestoft managed that early goal but after that ...  Trouble was that Celtic struggled to get back in it - OK, equaliser, disallowed goal, but in the end it was a fair result - and for Celtic that's two matches unbeaten (OK draws) but after five straight defeats ???  A step in the right direction - albeit slowly.  Watch 'em go to "Moneybags" Barrow on Saturday and win when no-one is watching (another thing you notice at many games - the pressure on the home team from the home fans - teams can relax more when they go away) !!  Pics at

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Lowestoft Town 1

(Just think ... I could have gone to Mossley to see them being stuffed 5-1 by Northwich Vics in the Mickey "Doodson" Mouse Cup ............ but I didn't ...)

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