Sunday 21 December 2014

Ashton United v Belper Town

Glynn Cotton pursued by Lee Rick - note the "interesting shirt clash" !!

... the second of three opportunities to see Belper Town "on my doorstep" (having already seen their creditable draw against FC United of Manchester).  A bit of a mad dash at work to ensure I got up to Hurst Cross before kick-off - but we made it !!  An unusual start to the game - the visitors team strip had not turned up (stuck in motorway traffic apparently) - so Belper took the field wearing Ashton United's change strip !!

A good start for the underdogs as well, taking the lead after only 12 minutes - however it did not last very long (approx 120 seconds !!), and by half-time it looked all over with the Nailers 1-3 down.  All credit to them however - getting it back to 3-3 before losing to a late goal.  The 4-3 win keeps Ashton United firmly in the "promotion pack", while poor old Belper remain rooted to the bottom of the table.  Even so, there were many positives for the visitors - they just need to sort that bloomin' defence out !!

Pics from the game at

Ashton United 4 Belper Town 3

Home - and then out on the "Postie's Christmas Bash" - some food and some drink (and one karaoke by yours truly - mudering "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer for the umpteenth time !!).  Somehow found my own way home (!!), before sleep ... and this ...  next job(s) - wrap some pressies - and nip out and buy some more (+ sellotape !!)

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