Sunday 27 September 2015

Saddleworth Rangers v Myton Warriors

 Myton Warriors on the charge ...

... yes we're in the football season ... but when everything conspires - you take the best option.  Finished work in good time to get the train home (plan was Droylsden v Lancaster in the FA Cup) ... but then it all went pear-shaped.  Train from Greenfield was 36 minutes late .. so no chance of getting to the Butchers Arms.

However ... with the trains terminating at Stalybridge and then turning straight round - I got to Mossley, dashed up home, quick change, grab (prepared) camera bag, dash back down to station - and catch train I've just come in on - result !

Missed start of game - noticed Jackie (Saddleworth Rangers "official" snapper) so decided to do the "wrong end" ... and here they are ...

Saddleworth Rangers 22 Myton Warriors 44

It's not been the greatest of seasons for Saddleworth ...

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