Tuesday 1 September 2015

Stalybridge Celtic v Chorley

 Bohan Dixon - a vital part of the Celtic "rearguard action" ...

A bad weather Bank Holiday Monday ... I'd promised Mrs Smiffy a day out walking (thus forgoing any football - honest !).  However the early morning lousy weather led us to say "Sod the walk - let's go elsewhere" ... and elsewhere led to a trip into traffic-snarled Ashton and Sainsburys and Ikea.  The traffic-snarling (plus the dawdlers in Ikea) meant we didn't get home until 1430hrs - then it was "You bugger off to the football" - so I did - arriving 5 minutes in !!!

Pics from game at

Stalybridge Celtic 0 Chorley 1

The game ?? Well I reckon the referee came out on top - for all the wrong reasons (OK "most" of the wrong reasons !).  What with Celtic playing against 9 men on Saturday @ Stockport County - Monday saw the proverbial boot on the other foot.  An heroic second half defensive display almost - just almost - saw the 0-0 through to the end ... sadly it was not to be.  Celtic - and their fans - should be proud of their team's second-half efforts .. the referee on the other hand should take a long hard look at his performance.  Can't argue with the first red card - but after that his performance degenerated into a shambles (he also sent off Celtic boss Liam Watson). All in all a bit of a comedown for the home team after their 3-0 away win at Stockport on the Saturday - but hey that's football - i.e. a bit of a bugger at times ...

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