Tuesday 13 October 2015

Home on Saturday ... then ...

"Where the hell have you been all bloody week ??" - a stern-looking Rollo ...

... sort out dirty washing (much !), relaxing evening (yes even a take-away !) - then Sunday ... continue with clean-up, prep tea, trip to supermarket to catch up with food and then .... guess what ... a bit of a walk !!!!!

Nothing dramatic mind - just up the canal to Greenfield, quick pint in the Railway (OK two) and a brief glimpse at the Fabulous Dilly Sisters - a few less than brill pix (I had my "walking lens" on) at

Fabulous Dilly Sisters @ Railway Greenfield 11Oct15

... and then home back down the canal (to eat the slow-cooked lamb shanks wot I sorted earlier !)

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