Monday 26 October 2015

Saturday Night ... Seth Lakeman.

Seth - from the "lower balcony" (form phone)

... once the Celtic game finished it was get home ASAP - shower, eat etc (I'd been REALLY good all afternoon - because I was "Des" ... as in  designated driver !).  

Drove over to Holmfirth to see Seth Lakeman at the Picturedrome - first time there ... what a cracking venue (just a shame it's a PIA to get to - only way is drive) Last saw him at Buxton Opera House back in 2011

What a good gig - what a very good gig indeed - didn't take any photographic apparatus apart from phone - but hey ... you see with your ears sometimes.

I might be seen by many as a heavy metal/psychedelic rocker ... but you should see my music collection - and there is a lot of Seth Lakeman there !!  A cracking night out indeed ...

P.S. be warned - I've emptied all the photos off my phone - I may well do an album of the best !!!

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