Friday 27 November 2015

Mossley v Burscough

 Lee Wilshaw cops for it ....

God this is late innit !!!  Pics at

Mossley 2 Burscough 3

Bad day at the office for Mossley - not helped by some "interesting" refereeing and various "antics" from the away side (I could say more .. but to be honest I can't be *rsed !!).  End of the day three points lost (stolen ??) - followed by a 5-1 hammering at Northwich Vics on Wednesday (not there - thankfully !!).

Weekend sees me at a wedding down Derby way on Saturday straight after work - ergo no footy (I could sneak into Belper Town, bang off a few shots whilst dressed up and then shoot off to Horsley Woodhouse - we'll see !!)

Otherwise work still grim ... the Christmas rush has definitely started early ... but according to Royal Mail it doesn't start until December 5th (my *rse !!!!).   Here's my cheeky little option/view on stuff - especially with today being "Black Friday" - God help us next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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