Wednesday 18 November 2015

Mossley/Irlam - Wet #2

Tom Dean makes it 2-0 ...

What an awful night - amazed that the game went ahead (although it HAS to be said that over the last few years the Mossley pitch has improved 1000%, and can certainly take a touch of water - even so it must have been touch and go on Tuesday night).

Not unlike Saturday at Stalybridge ... both sides played football - and did a good job of it !! The two-division gulf between the two teams was plain to see however - although credit Irlam for giving it their best shot.  Have to admit the thrid ond fourth goals owed  a bit to the surface ... plus the odd deflection here and there.  Pics (not greta - for obvious reasons) from the game at 

Mossley 4 Irlam FC 0

Will it recover in time for Saturday's game against Burscough - we wait , we see ...

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