Wednesday 19 February 2014

Day Off ...

... usually work it - but being half-term, Mrs S is off work so I didn't - and we headed off to Skipton for a bit of a walk.  Just a few pics (too busy avoiding the mud !!) at

Skipton Walk 19Feb14

Managed to "mess about" photo-wise though ... some grovelling about on the ground and we get this:

They call it "converging parallels" where the vertical tree trunks appear to converge onto one point (believe "vanishing point" is another term) - just a question of getting low down and pointing the camera straight up ... simple but effective - a long straight railway line is another good example (look out for trains though !).

This one was tweaked at home - an attempt to accentuate the sun's rays coming through the clouds - just dragged the "Levels" button down until they showed up more - whilst still trying to keep some colour in the picture.

(You've probably gathered by now that the Tuesday evening football option was postponed - waterlogged pitch strangely enough ...)

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