Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mossley v Ossett Albion

Fascinating stuff - high winds, rain, injured referee, two penalties and five goals ... pictures at ...

Mossley 3 Ossett Albion 2

Rain is a right bugger for photography - best tip is usually "stay indoors" (!!).  My normal camera attire in this weather is a supermarket carrier bag with a hole punched in the bottom, wrapped over the lens and secured to the lens hood with a Royal Mail elastic band (I usually have the odd several about my person for some reason !) - simple but mightily effective.  The added bonus is that with the Canon 70-200mm lens and 7D body there is a certain element of "weather resistance" built into the kit - although there have been times when even I admit defeat and get under cover - can't take too many chances with expensive gear.  Must admit I was quite pleased with the Lewis Nightingale picture ...

... the camera was still set to a high-ish shutter speed (1/1000th) - I'd ramped up the ISO setting to 1600 to compensate, so the rain ... looked like rain. Start decreasing the shutter speed and the rain ends up looking like this (an example taken strangely enough at the Ossett Albion v Mossley game back in September 2012):

Have checked info - this one was taken at 1/250th at ISO3200 ... so four times as slow as the other one. And to go one stage further ... a very old pic taken at Stalybridge on the old compact camera - no file info, but it must have been even slower (camera shake much in evidence !) ...  the raindrops become lines and you end up with a very "foggy" image ...

Weather forecast dreadful again today - next football Tuesday night (at Stalybridge ironically !).

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