Sunday 23 February 2014

Stalybridge Celtic v Brackley Town

"Oi ref !!" .. Obi Anoruo is felled

Pretty much a "postponement-free" Saturday ... and a well-earned point by Stalybridge against their higher-rated opponents.  Not one of my better days behind the lens though - more a selection of player shots than actual action (sulk !) - pics nevertheless at

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Brackley Town 1

Now ... off to Nantwich - taking small boy back to college.

SUNDAY EVENING EDIT - Back from Cheshire to discover a story that has blown up of the weekend ... check out

Mike Pavasovic axed from Tameside Radio and Tameside Reporter

I've known Pav for a good few years - and the fall-out from this decision is going to be very interesting indeed - in the meantime I've decided to "tweak" my photos from the Celtic game accordingly ... I'm sure those in the Tameside area who read the "Tameside Reporter" will understand why ... 

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