Tuesday 17 June 2014

Aren't SFE Sh*te ???

They've got it - now get *rses in gear !!!

We've had some fun with these incompetents over the last few weeks I can tell you !!!   For those who don't know, SFE = Student Finance England, and we've had some fun trying to sort out small boy's student finance for next year.

1) Filled in all the forms - sent them off - checked with them after hearing nowt for two weeks - and I quote "We only seem to have Pages 1 and 2 on the system" - so obvioulsy some clown managed to cock up scanning them in.

2) Filled in all the forms - again - and this time sent them "Signed For" - see above ... checked with them again after two weeks - and I quote "We are unable to give you any details without written authority from the student - please ask him to get in touch with us".  He did - to find out that the application was "incomplete".  We then got back in touch - and got bolshie (well I did) - and the poor bugger on the end of the phone was so nervous/unsure/incapable.  At least he managed to give us a reference number - we'll be back on the case at the end of this week (plus small boy will be fighting his case online as well).

Student Finance England is based in Darlington - there is a Passport Office in Durham - I wonder if they're all too busy worrying about Darlington 1883's chances in the Evo-Stik League next season ??? Or maybe there's just NOT ENOUGH STAFF TO COPE ????

... and at the end of the day - it's not a grant, it's a loan ....

Pathetic - totally pathetic ...

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