Sunday 15 June 2014

Whit Friday ...

Not much "temperance" round here on a Whit Friday !!!

... early start at work to try and avoid all the road closures - successful in the most part !! This meant early finish, a couple of beers before heading home for quick snack and then a walk down the canal to the Friezland Contest (plus a pint of Millstone beer from the temporary bar), a walk up the the (much busier) Greenfield Contest before winding down in the "Clarence" (!!) and then walking home.   Excellent weather all day - we arrived home about 2230 hrs and it was still warm enough for a quick can in the back garden !

A few pics from the evening at

Whit Friday 13Jun14

Another fairly good work day on Saturday (another early start mind) followed by a drive down to Belper (Mother-in-laws Birthday) - all out for a family meal (an Italian believe it or not), a quick snooze and then off out to the "George & Dragon" to watch the match.  Thought England played pretty well (there was actually some "flair" out there on the pitch - all these young 'uns I guess !), but the defensive problems were fairly apparent - and they need addressing if they are to progress.  Got back to Mother-in-Laws about 0120hrs - a few hours kip and then it was off to Stafford to see parents (Fathers Day etc).  Lunch, natter, sort out Mum's laptop (just can't get away from this computer stuff !) before heading home ... and this ...

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