Thursday 26 June 2014

Thieves More Thieves ... and More of the same ...

I know I tried to set this one up as a "more pictures" site - but I'm going back into sixtamesides mode for this one "angry man" post ....

Thieves, crooks, criminals ... and these are the people in power in our country.  It's hard to know where to start - OK the Banking system ... PPI scandals, Libor scandals, Forex scandals and rogue trader scandals ... who picks up the tab ?? The honest working man/woman trying to save for their future - and they see 25 years worth of effort (through work, savings etc) blitzed because of all the above.

Then we have the Government/MPs/MEPs ... take your pick (any and EVERY political party) - claiming expenses for second houses, getting their lake cleaned etc - check out some of the facts here.  Now we discover that Cameron employed a crook (i.e. Andy Coulson) - which of course leads us on to scandals within the UK press (Leveson etc).

What else ... how about payday loans - 10 years ago we were seeing stories about "loan sharks" - then all of a sudden it became legal to charge 1500% interest on loans - and now we hear about Wonga sending out letters using fake legal company names to scare their customers - and getting a pitiful fine as well.

There are more - the selling of worthless land in Brazil, the selling of non-existent wine (check out Ponzi on Google - a clever scam often used)

Never mind ... the European Union is all to blame for everything isn't it ??? Bring on Nigel Farage who not only gets his salary from that very same Union, but also claims expenses for his German-born wife ... and (lesser known) has claimed over £200,000 expenses for office space in Bognor Regis ... that was actually donated to UKIP for free !

Meanwhile we still have Fascists/Nationalists etc blaming immigration etc for the woes of our country.  We now have "Britain First" giving it their best shot via Facebook, using fake "Missing Girl" posters and hi-jacking the whole Lee Rigby story (much to the distress of his parents) in an attempt to encourage racial hatred - just another attempt to divert us all from where the REAL problem lies.

Get real peeps - we are all being screwed over by white English people in positions of power.  The sooner people realise this, the sooner we can get back on track - but don't expect any help from above - because they're all p*ssing in the same pot.

Rule Britannia ... and don't forget - "We're all in this together" ...

Rant over - I've probably missed out loads of other stuff  - it was a "stream of consciousness" type thing - I will try to get back to photos etc ASAP ...

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