Monday 14 July 2014

Annual Leave ... Day 1

... apart from that sudden realisation that after working six days a week since sometime in April ... I'm absolutely shattered/knackered etc etc.

Hey ho - holidays = work of a different kind.  All RM coats/fleeces dutifully washed - starting to organise stuff on laptop (new external hard drive ordered etc) - shopping (but what's new ?!) - and ... naturally ... out for a walk (have to do it to stop all leg-type things totally seizing up).  Today's project was "Faces" - unfortunately Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood were unavailable - and Ronnie Lane has died.  So it was a wander around Mossley looking for "faces" ... and the best I could do was this lot:

Faces of Mossley 14Jul14

However - before walk I had another play with the newer "reversing ring" - and I reckon it's not that brilliant - the earlier (78mm) seemed to work very well with the 70-200 lens - but it was a bit heavy, hence trying a smaller one (58mm) to work with the 85mm prime lens - just doesn't seem to come up with the goods - see what you think - I'm not convinced

Maybe another £9 to find one that fits the 50mm prime lens - that lens has always been a good 'un and it's the cheapest Canon lens in the world (I think !!) ...

Tomorrow ... football !!


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