Wednesday 16 July 2014

Mossley v Altrincham PSF 15 Jul 14

Apparently - these are called "shorts" ...

Another good workout up at Seel Park some pictures from the game at

Mossley 0 Altrincham 2 (PSF)

A touch disappointed with pictures last night - thought "something not quite right" ... camera, lens or photographer ??  Checked out stuff this morning in the cold light of day and realised it was a bit of everything.

1. I'd OD'd on the ISO settings to try and keep the shutter speed up (must learn to play with lower shutter speeds - it can be done !). 

2. The lens - well it has something called a "focus limiter switch" which was set to 1.5 metres to infinity.  The other setting is 3.0 metres to infinity - which it should have been set to.  Basically if you know your subjects are going to be more than 3.0 metres away, you go for that setting, as it speeds up the autofocus (lens not trying to focus on nearer -  i.e. unimportant to me - stuff)

3.  Got the metering setting all wrong on the camera - 'twas set to centre-weighted (which evaluates the WHOLE scene rather than what I was aiming at) - I'm more comfy with the bog-standard "evaluative metering" - or if I'm really concentrating on the action in the centre of the screen I'll play with "spot metering".

(There's probably people cringing out there ... but it's what you're comfy with - so it's a big FAIL to me for not checking "stuff" - which is exactly what pre-season training is all about !!!

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