Monday, 14 July 2014

Sunday Birds ..

Smile please !

Never made it to a football game on Saturday ... to be honest my best option would have been Saddleworth Rangers v Oulton Raiders - which would have been a first as I've never done rugby league !!!  However, ended up knackered after a hot day and a call to do/cook a barbecue at home in the afternoon.

Sunday - a lazy get-up and a bit of a walk - up the canal from Mossley to Uppermill - check out the Oldham Mountain Rescue Open Day before heading further up the road to the Saddleworth Show. Wander round (I got a pint of Greenfield Brewery "Silver Owl" - Mrs Smiffy got Grandpa Greens Ice cream !!).  Watched the falconry display - and then a brisk (!) walk home - me cook tea - before me sloping off to pub to watch the World Cup Final .....well they got there in the end - needs checking but I think I've finished about 118,000th out of 1,060,864 in the World Cup Fantasy League !!!

Some "bird" pictures from today at

Falconry@Saddleworth Show - 13Jul14


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