Sunday 10 August 2014

Mossley v Curzon Ashton ...

Mossley skipper James Blair ...

The final friendly before the big kick-off next Saturday - and what a good game it was !!   Maybe just a friendly, but both teams "went for it" and produced a very entertaining game on a sunny afternoon.  I guess for the two Managers, a 3-3 draw will mean "Defence - aargh !!", but both teams carved out some good chances ... so they should be happy with that side of things !!!  A few pictures from the game at ..

Mossley 3 Curzon Ashton 3

... plus we also had the bonus visit of a Lancaster bomber - 'tis the "Yanks Weekend" in Saddleworth - an annual "festival" (the film "Yanks" was filmed in this area) - I'm guessing it came over today because the weather forecast for tomorrow is 'not brilliant' !!

A "long distance crop" taken at the game ..


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