Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mossley v Northwich Vics

Ali v Foster - 01APR1974


Ali v Foster 19AUG2014

... and we were all expecting a feast of goals after the 5-5 draw on Saturday ...

... it didn't happen ...

A 7th minute goal sealed the points for the visitors - it was a fairly tight game but all the best chances went to Northwich to be honest - they looked just that little bit quicker on the ball and quicker to break.  Early days yet though ... some pics from the game at

Mossley 0 Northwich Victoria 1

(and a quick word about the Northwich number 3 - the beautifully named Mohamud Ali - I may have been a bit hard on him in the picture captions - whinge ... oh yes ... but the fact that he keeps cropping in the the pictures implies to me he WAS well involved in the game - and Mossley didn't score - so fair play to him !).

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