Friday 20 March 2015

Mossley v Spennymoor

 Rio Ahmadi makes it 2-0 ... and the smiles are EVERYWHERE !!

... late again - it's becoming a habit (although I've got a decent excuse at the moment - sorting out "stuff" - my Dad's funeral on Monday, so any pics from the Saturday game may be late as well - unless I work hard on Sat evening and don't drink too much !).

Anyway Tuesday - hot on the heels of a 2-3 reverse at lowly Brighouse - and Spennymoor whacking 8 (eight) past Clitheroe .. the form book went right out of the window didn't it ??  And Mossley looked comfy throughout - I can say no more - if you need more check out the Mossleyweb report.  Pics from the game at 

Mossley 2 Spennymoor Town 0

Certainly NOT my greatest efforts (OK they're cr*p) - but you get the picture !!!

A pretty cr*p week at work as well - does nobody in Greenfield ever go to "a shop" ??  It appears not - anyway fingers crossed we can get away with it tomorrow somehow and I can get to a game on time - my aim is the "absolute crunch" for Stalybridge Celtic at home to Gloucester City - Celtic in dire relegation straits - Manager Keith Briggs resigned after last Saturday's defeat - new Manager appointed (Liam Watson) - but he's sitting out tomorrow's game in the stand.  Three points is the only option for Celtic - I'll be there as quick as I can ...

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