Sunday 29 March 2015

Ashton United v Witton Albion

 Ashton's Gary Gee - in "stylish mode" ..

Home from work - to find my five-minute walk up the road (viz Mossley v Harrogate RA) had been called off due to the torrential morning downpour (tell me about it - I was out in it !!!!).  Not to worry though - the Ashton United game had been called "on" so it was up to Hurst Cross for me.  A fairly even first half  - OK Ashton probably edged it (one disallowed goal as well) - but hopes were high for the second half.  In the club at half-time we watched some footage from the Bury game that was abandoned due to some horrendous weather - and sure enough that same weather made its way down from Gigg Lane to Hurst Cross - I've stood out in some pretty awful weather before now, but the deluge had both me and Noah cowering under the stands - and I don't think anyone could argue with the ref's decision to knock it on the head after 65 minutes ... some wet and dry pics from the game at

Ashton United A Witton Albion A

It will be interesting to see if tomorrow's game at Curzon Ashton goes ahead - more awful weather today with the promise of more to come - we wait and see ...

P.S. Well done to Glossop North End - another trip to Wembley awaits (sadly I don't think I'll be able to make it this time around ...).

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