Wednesday 27 May 2015

Bank Holiday Weekend

A local "scratching point" ...

One of those "silly" ones for me - shot off after work on Friday down to (rented) cottage between Buxton and Leek to meet up with several peeps - good Friday food and drink - bed - then up at stupid o'clock to drive back to Greenfield for work - work - then back down to cottage to make the most of a Bank Holiday weekend.

Weather not brill (OK we were 1500 foot up and fairly well "exposed" !!) but we made a good shout of it - a bit of a walk Saturday evening - a gentle wander on Sunday - and me and Mrs Smiffy did a big 'un around the Roaches on Monday.  Some pics from weekend at

Bank Holiday Walkies

... and then it was back to work on Tuesday ...aargh !!

Sport/Photos this weekend - who knows ??? It IS Whit Friday on Friday (!!) so maybe some pics of brass bands and drunken idiots ??  Saddleworth Rangers are away on Saturday - maybe some cricket instead ?? We'll make it up as we go along - such is summer ...

'Twas a case of "Goodbye Mr Chips" !!!

One quick addition here - on the Thursday night I'd been kindly invited to the Ashton United "Volunteers Evening" (due to photos I guess) - it was a bit of a hoot - a "casino night" where no money changed hands - I ended up skint (in a virtual sort of way !!) - a jolly evening was had anyway (I now know how to play Blackjack anyway !!) - and it's nice to be appreciated - thanks to all at Hurst Cross !

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