Thursday, 14 May 2015

Walking ... with the Enemy ??

Sunday - fairly well focussed on a windy hillside ...

Wednesday - pretty good zoom options ...

Football is finished - so where do we go from here ??  OK the walking continues - so here's a couple of albums ... one from last Sunday and one from tonight.

"With the Enemy" refers to the camera used - I've been given a "bridge camera" - and it's a Nikon (Coolpix L110) !!!   It actually belonged to my late Dad, and so I thought I'd give it a go on a couple of walks - saves on weight for starters ... and I'm fairly impressed with the results so far (still need to download a user manual and get to grips with the full range of options but we'll get there ...)

Above Bacup 10May15

Mossley/Greenfield 13May15

Reckon the biggest problem is "no viewfinder" - as in having to hold the camera out and look at the screen while taking a pic - less chance of "anchoring" yourself to avoid camera shake (although I have discovered the "vibration reduction" option - which does help).

Let's see what Saturday brings ... going back to the "big camera" ... and you may be surprised !!

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