Sunday 17 May 2015

Saddleworth Rangers v Wigan St Judes

Some tattoos from today ...

Yes ... it was my first attempt at Rugby League !!  Got off to an interesting start when "The Man on the Gate" tried to charge me as a concession !!! Must admit it's happened a few times at Ashton Cineworld (honest !! That's why Mrs Smiffy always sends me up to buy the tix) but I refused the kind offer here and paid the "full whack" of £2-50 - which included programme as well.
Now I have to admit I'm certainly not up to speed on Rugby League - having been brought up by my Dad to appreciate Rugby Union (and Welsh Rugby Union in particular), it wasn't until I moved "oop North" that I started to get some exposure to the "other side".  It's took a while - but this was not only my first attempt at snapping RL - but also my first ever visit to a "live" Rugby League game.  I was aware of the circumstances though ... two teams who were both looking for their first win of the season, so something had to give.  Unfortunately it was the away team who went away with the points thanks to a penalty with 5 minutes left on the clock. Some pics from the game at

Saddleworth Rangers 21 Wigan St Judes 23

Fairly satisfied with them as well - so it looks like I've found something else to snap over the summer (will also try to get some cricket in as well).

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