Tuesday 17 December 2013

Test ... with Mossley Town Hall

A New Year Resolution ... time for a change with the old "Six Tame Sides" ... less words - more pictures ... and here's a test post taken on the cameraphone (Samsung Galaxy Ace)  showing Mossley Town Hall in three different guises; original (using "Levels" to create a better silhouette effect) at the top, then a touch of red then blue (using the "Colour Variations" option in Photoshop Elements 6) ... Why try this ?? A couple of weeks ago I went to Ramsbottom Farmers Market - and inside the Civic Hall (?) there was a photographer stall selling framed pics/greetings cards etc - one of which was the same pic but either in red or blue (just like below) - so if you can't beat 'em - join 'em (p.s. I prefer the blue - but the original ain't bad either - especially being taken on a telephone !!!)  ...

The football will remain the same (picture-wise) - don't panic - but if you're looking for chapter and verse on the game I'll be suggesting the various websites and message boards - as I now REALLY want to concentrate on the pictures, and try to spend time improving my skills/techniques etc - and maybe pass on a few ideas to others - and maybe pick up a few tips/ideas as well ?

We'll see how it goes ... plus I promise to tidy up / tart up the the site layout as I go along ...

29Dec13 Update - a quick follow-on from the above - here's Seel Park (the home of Mossley AFC) - no messing with colours here though - just a rather good sunset (although I have lowered the levels once again for the silhouette effect)

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