Tuesday 24 December 2013

Where did it all begin - Part 2

... so - fancying moving on from the compact camera - fortunately I had some help via Belper Town FC.  With the wife coming from Belper, weekend visits were often made to said town - with me sloping off to Christchurch Meadow on the Saturday afternoons to watch the "Nailers" (something I've been doing since the early 1980s - in fact I got married at the Church (as in Christ Church) next to the ground). Have got to know quite a few peeps down there over the years - one of whom was Tim Harrison, the official Belper Town photographer (see http://www.timharrisonphotography.com ).  He'd remarked on some of my early "compact camera" stuff  ... remember his words about this particular pic (Matlock v Mossley from December 2006 - football, beer and Riber Castle !!)

- I'd remarked on my ambitions to "move upward" - and it wasn't long after that until I got that first DSLR - a Canon EOS 20d which was previously owned by - you've guessed it - Tim Harrison !) - twas sometime in March 2007 ... and I've not looked back ...

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