Monday, 23 December 2013

Where did it all begin - Part 1

My dad was a very keen photographer - proper like, as in developing/chemicals and all that stuff. As a kid I started with the good old Kodak Instamatic 50 - and snapped like people do (holidays etc).

Always been a football fan from an early age - and most of it was at the non-league level (born and bred in Stafford so it was Stafford Rangers - naturally !).  In those days (60s/70s/80s) it was just football football - never bothered - never even thought of taking pics at a game.  Time moved on - leave home, go to Uni (OK Polytechnic !!), get married, have kids - and then came the 90s.  Football Fanzines were all the rage - and working in the computer biz I had access to word processing and printing options - so "Six Tame Sides" was born.  

Twas in the days of REAL "cut and paste" (as in scissors and Pritt Stick) but it was fun - it lasted for seven issues ... and then (living in Mossley) myself and a couple of other fanatics set up a Mossley fanzine - which also lasted for six or seven issues.  That was the 90s - a few years were spent being Programme Editor at Mossley and then it was back to "just watching".

The 21st Century arrived - and then I noticed that blogs were the new fanzines - so in 2006 I went for it again - setting up - yapping about games etc etc - and then I got a compact camera, and took it to games to take the odd picture .................... and I think it was THIS picture that made me think "I can take this further" - witness Peter Wright scoring for Mossley against Leek Town - 27th January 2007 ...

... and so it all began ...

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