Monday 5 January 2015

Catch-Up #2 - OLdham Boro v Atherton Colls - 03Jan2015

 Getting a shot in ...

Saturday - back at work and wondering where to go for football afterwards - my aim was Curzon Ashton v Ramsbottom United ... but found out that had been called off quite early.  Ashton United v  FC United ?? To be honest I just don't like the big games that much - I knew AUFC would have a couple of snappers (and FC would have about ten !!!!!!).  Got home about 1345hrs and checked out the North West Counties website - and to my amazement the Oldham Boro v Atherton Colls game had been called ON - obviously Oldham Boro groundshare at Mossley - I was just amazed that the pitch was declared playable after the "New Year Mudbath" !!! Hey ho - let's go - and of course it's only up the road from Chez Smiffy - which helps !!!

Atherton Colls - 2nd in the league ... Oldham Boro - propping up the table ... so which end does the snapper go to ??? No contest - support our groundshare team !!!!!

'Twas a touch quiet at "that end" however (!) ........ pics at 

Oldham Boro 0 Atherton Collieries 5

Seems every time I watch Oldham Boro something happens - red cards etc and they end up on damage limitation - a shame because they're NOT THAT BAD !  They play some good football - they've some skilful players front and back .. OK I don't see that many games, but the ones I do see - they just don't seem to get the breaks.  It's going to be a struggle obviously - but if they hang in there ... who knows ??

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