Thursday 29 January 2015

Thursday Wander ...

... and a touch unexpected it was !

Into work at Greenfield - no problems on the train - but the snow was coming down in buckets - and sticking big style !  We prepped as normal - and then had to hang around/sit around/twiddle thumbs/drink tea/nip out for fag etc whilst waiting for a "Management Decision" ... it took a while (!!!) but eventually we were told .. "All Deliveries in the Oldham area are suspended today".

Walked back up to Greenfield Railway Station (sneakily delivering mail between PO and Station - but don't tell anyone !) Came home - got changed - grabbed camera and headed off down the canal - back towards Greenfield (!)

Walking down the Canal 29Jan15

Maybe it's just me (?) but snow pictures always turn out "so monochrome" if you know what I mean - can be difficult to just try and get a bit of colour in (pic above seemed to work well mind !) - no help with the sky either today - just a dull grey ...

Snowing again tonight in Mossley - so we go into work tomorrow with a full frame of mail and parcels already prepped - and naturally we'll have as much again (if not more) to throw in as well - should be fun (this assumes of course that we can actually get out tomorrow ... QED as they say).

Meanwhile I sit in the warmth finally watching one of my Christmas pressie DVDs (AC/DC Live in Paris 1979 - yep with Bon Scott on vocals).

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