Monday, 5 January 2015

Catch-Up #1 - Mossley v Padiham - 01 Jan 2015

Nice day for a bit of football ...

Now that WAS a wet one !!!!

New Years Day - playing the team at the bottom - fingers were crossed for a few goals ... however the majority of the hardy 115 souls who turned up were not actually expecting Padiham to lead the way ... but they did - thanks to ex-Blackpool star Brett Ormerod. Not satisfied with 0-1 at half-time they even had the cheek to go 2-0 up not long after - against the wind/rain etc (and yes the snapper was loving the weather - if Hyde v 'Bridge was grim weather-wise on Boxing Day - this was much worse !!!)

However ... something kicked in Mossley-wise ... and all of a sudden it was 2-2 - and then Padiham got a penalty ... Ormerod up for his hat-trick - FAIL !!!  Finally Mossley turned it round with Sam Robinson grabbing the winner.   I guess form counts for nowt in weather like that anyway - you can tell by the pretty grim set of photos below !!!

Mossley 3 Padiham 2

Ah well - at least it was a day off work !! And Mossley got the three points in the end ....

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