Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mossley v New Mills

Mike Fish lets fly ...

A Monday off work - however there was a leg of lamb in the fridge - and Mrs Smiffy doesn't do roasts (!!), so travelling was out of the question (my excuse for not being at Guiseley !!!).  A long day out locally mind - I went for the "Seven Hour Slow Roast" option, thus enabling pre- and post-match refreshments !!!

A lovely spring day as well - gloves not required !!  Mossley needed the points after the Saturday slip-up at Lancaster - but relegation-haunted New Mills did not make it easy (a few ex-Mossley players in the team made it that much more "personal" I guess - however it took most of the first half before Mossley finally made the pressure tell with a goal from (eventual MOM) Tom Pratt.  A second goal early into the second half made the points safe - it was pretty comfy after that IMHO !!!  Pics from the game at

Mossley 2 New Mills 0

(Plus a few from the apres-Match tipple down at the "Britannia" ... when a couple of immaculate Harley Davidsons turned up).  Left before the Man City debacle - but the lamb was perfect - just fell off the bone !!!

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